Sigil Engine is a digital art project by creative team Darragh Mason and David Tidman.

Darragh Mason is a multi award winning photographer, writer, researcher and host of the award nominated Spirit Box podcast.

David Tidman is a creative director, coder, musician and award winning photographer.

The Sigil Engine was born of many discussions about the potency of Technomancy as a form of magick. We decided the only way to find out would be to build a Sigil generator.

Contact us

For media or sponsorship enquiries please email info@sigilengine.com.

1. How do I use the Sigil Engine?

After careful consideration type your intention in and download the final Sigil.

Avoid "I want" or anything similar, as it will imbue the sigil with inherent uncertainty that WILL work against its success.

For example:
"I want a better job" is too hazy and not focused enough.
"I work in a relaxed environment that pays me correctly and I enjoy doing this job" is the way to go.

Think of your intent carefully, and state it at the present tense, as if you already have what you are asking the Universe to provide.

The download pack contains an image of the generated Sigil and stencil file. See question 5 for info on how to charge your Sigil.

2. What is a Sigil?

A sign, word, or device held to have occult power in astrology or magick. A really simple and effective form of magick.

3. Where can I learn more about Sigils?

Try Grant Morrison’s infamous speech on Sigil magick as a quick introduction. For further information explore Gordon White’s writing on Sigils at Runesoup.
There are also some great resources from Tommie Kelly.

4. If I repeat the same intention will I get the same Sigil?

No. The tool derives a unique normalised floating decimal point from each letter you type by the way you type, the speed and intervals at which you type, their frequency and weight once distilled and referenced against the text of Crowley's 'Liber Cheth vel Vallum Abiegni'. This ensure the logic is down to the user and no two sigils are alike.

5. How do I charge my sigil?

Go explore!

6. It’s so pretty, is this by design?

Yes, the goal of this project was to make the process of creating sigils authentic and magickal, through a carefully considered artistic process. Art is of course magick and this project is a participatory piece of art. Each element of the design has an esoteric thought behind it, from the colours of the drawing dynamics, to the use of negative space and colours of the particles.

7. This doesn’t look like any Sigil I’ve seen before, what gives?

We based the process on the Kamea model blended with the standard phrase model. We used a circle instead of a square as it creatively worked better, and as a nod to the Goetia.

8. What is the Sigil Engine built in?

The Sigil Engine is built with pure JavaScript & GLSL, without using any in-built random functionality.

9. What will you do with all the Sigils that are created?

Eventually we plan to project them on to well known landmarks to hypercharge them. We collect the intentions and data points that make up the sigils. We do not collect any personal identifying information at all.

Update 13/03/21 - We no longer collect any Sigil data whatsoever as there are just too many Sigils being created; And all previous Sigil data has been permanently deleted from our databases.

10. I am an Arch Magus and know everything about magick, particularly Sigils, and everything you have done is wrong and you guys suck and I hate everything about this.

It'll be ok.

11. My method is the true and only way - this is an abomination.



To save your Sigil, simply touch and hold on each Sigil to prompt your phone's save dialog window and save your Sigil to your camera roll.

To save your Sigil, right-click (PC) or Ctrl+click (Mac) and select 'Save image as...' to save your Sigil to your machine.


If you enjoyed using the Sigil Engine and would like to support further developments and other Technomancy projects, you can do so here.